Superior Climbing Apparel From Portland, Oregon. Made Locally. Worn Globally.

Our Story

First ascent of The Apocalypse (9,345 ft), Revelation Mountains, AK.
Photo: Jason Stuckey

..."the conquest of a great peak brings moments of exultation and bliss, which in the monotonous, materialistic existence of modern times nothing can approach..." - Lionel Terray

Founded in 2010, NW Alpine began with the idea that apparel for alpine climbing should fulfill the technical needs of modern alpine climbers. Drawing from the amazing talent pool around the Portland, Oregon apparel industry, we built a team of professionals who have helped us fulfill that mission. Aside from making core clothing for alpine climbing, we also believe in the revitalization of American manufacturing, thus we choose to manufacture our clothing in Oregon. With the help of an arsenal of talented athletes, NW Alpine has been field tested, from our home range of the Oregon Cascades to the mountains and cold places of every continent. 

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At our core we believe in:

1.   Making clothes for climbing that are simple, functional, light, and of the highest quality.

2.   Supporting domestic manufacturing.

3.   Providing our customers the best service

Every step in our design and production process is deliberate. We won’t release products unless they are up to our high standards, even if it means longer release times. We don’t want to make clothing that is disposable and we want to know that our people (our customers, contractors and employees) are all well cared for. We strive to make all of these things a reality and we hope that you support our mission and feel part of the NW Alpine family.


Bill Amos founded NW Alpine in 2010 after a varied non-career that included bike messengering, ski patrolling, gear shop employee-ing, substitute teaching middle school students, and working as a community college instructor. Bill enjoys climbing and has managed to flail his way up various first ascents and significant repeats in the Northwest and beyond (including the first ascent of The Deer Hunter, the first modern mixed route in the Columbia River Gorge). He is also a passionate student of economics and thinks American manufacturing is awesome.