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Meet Erik

Rectifying the terrible cosmic mistake of being born in the Midwestern flatlands of Missouri, the Wellborn family moved to Colorado when Erik was 15. Young "Edub" was quickly smitten with the mountain lifestyle, and set off for his first alpine adventure, summiting Pikes Peak with a 50lb pack and a huge grin.

 Erik continued to make questionable life choices well into his 20’s, soloing many of the classic ice and alpine lines in Colorado, Alaska, and Canada. Among his more memorable solos were Bridalveil Falls in Valdez, the Shooting Gallery,  and the North Face of Edith Cavell in the Canadian Rockies.

 As an appreciation for a rope and a solid partner set in, Erik decided to make the pilgrimage to Europe and Chamonix, the birthplace of alpinism. Finding perfect weather and conditions, they decided to go for the Eiger North Face, and summited the third day after arriving in Europe. A few days afterwards, while resting in Zermatt, a postcard of the Matterhorn with the North Face in relief caught his eye. Forking over one Swiss Franc he felt this beta was sufficient for a fast and light attempt on the North wall. Standing on the summit the following day the thought crossed his mind, "Perhaps it’s time to go sport climbing? Nah. I wonder what conditions are on the Walker Spur..."

These days, Erik can be found back where it all started, developing new ice and mixed lines on nearby Pikes Peak and surrounding areas. While he still enjoys scaring himself silly on the scrappy, chossabilities this area is known for, he has forsaken the cold bivies and manspooning for the appeal of a cold margharita and a warm bed.

With over 25 years of climbing experience, Erik appreciates finding the right gear and clothing for alpine climbing. His "must have" gear from NW Alpine include the Black Spider Hoody and the Belay Jacket.