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Meet Nick

I popped my alpine cherry skiing in the Tetons in 2005. The quest to ski bigger, steeper, and more committing lines led me to the Grand Teton. My desire to ski this peak forced me to learn rope work, anchor building, and ice climbing skills. After completing the decent I realized how much I enjoyed the relatively technical ascent of the Ford-Stettner route. the excitement of learning a new skill set and the thrill of finding a whole new way to get high in the mountains, both physically and mentally, hooked me. Just a year later, I found myself living in Bozeman Montana... climbing had over taken me. I pulled on rock all summer and by winter, my skis lay dormant in the garage while my new ice tools got all the action in Hyalite Canyon. With a playground like Hyalite Canyon in my back yard to hone my skills on a daily basis ice climbing quickly became my passion.
     Over the past couple years my focus has on long committing ice flows. The Weeping Wall and Polar Circus in the Canadian rockies the Lowe Direct and the Earl-Trimble on Sphinx Mountain in the Madison range as well as classic multi pitch mixed climbs in Hyalite Canyon such as Zach Attach, Mummy IV, and fortuitously Winter Dance have all provided me with temporary fixes for my new addiction.
     Most recently I spent 6 weeks in a little known, remote village in the Nepalese Himalaya. The Rolwaling Valley provided my partner and I with endless ice climbing opportunities with 1000’+ flows pouring from the upper basins. Since returning I’ve thought of little else but an eventual return to the valley. From Argentina to France, Canada, Thailand and Nepal, I can only be grateful for the opportunities I have had to travel and climb throughout the world.
    My most recent trip to Nepal and Thailand has lit a fire in me to move on to bigger alpine objectives, to see more of the world through climbing, to experience different cultures, to meet new people and create new friendships, and to have more fun in the mountains than ever before.